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Wednesday, October 25, 2006


This post is a bit of an oddity, plainly because...

First of all, blogging was not on my agenda for AT LEAST the next 10,000 years (considering the fact that the main focus of most of my blogging, namely Michael has left me, and the '06 season has come to an end).
Second of all, just a minute ago I was reminiscing about a few scattered events and thinking that if homesickness could kill me, I'd be six feet under with a tombstone that somehow incorporated "In your face, Fernando!", "I'm better at Math than you" and "Earl Grey"...and then through all of this disarrayed jumble of a mess (a.k.a Christabubble's mind) came the thought..."Oh yes, the 7even cardinal sins!!". Now for those of us who are under the disillusion that I am a good Catholic girl, lets get this straight...I'm not! So anyhoos, I thought..."Why not?! Why not the seven cardinal sins, dammit?!"


Now, I don't really know if the seven sins are an integral part of Catholicism (I told you I wasn't a good Catholic!!), but no blasphemy is intended in this blog. Its more of a "lets see if the seven sins can be applied to my life" kinda thing. As to why one would actually want to do something like that beats me, but if you've noticed, I've am starting to drift into the realm of talking about myself in third person...so yes, I think "she" has officially lost it.

So...here we go...

First on the list...

(1) PRIDE (alias: Vanity)

Def: Apparently, the sin from which all others arise. A high opinion of one's own importance, merit, or superiority, whether as cherished in the mind or as displayed in conduct.

Hmmm...Pride, eh? Hmmm...I'm thinking here...Am I proud? To be quite honest, I don't think so...I'm trying to justify my answer, but unfortunately am drawing a blank. The only reason I can think of at 12:51am is that I don't qualify for this sin coz I don't go around with my nose so high that I can't see what/who is under me. Sure I think you should be honoured to know me, what with me being such a wonderful person and all...but still...never have I considered myself to be BETTER than anyone else, and that is the honest truth.

(2) ENVY

Def: Desire to have what other people have already got...traits, abilities, etc.

"Madame Foreperson, has the jury reached a verdict? What say you?"
So yes, I'm envious, of a lot of things and I tell you, IT IS A CURSE FOR ME. I want almost everything that everyone else has. I want to be a violin playing, Olympic gold medal winning super rocket scientist chick who can drive like Michael Schumacher AND cook a mean 7-course dinner...but honestly, who am I kidding here? The thing is, the desire to have what I can't is so overwhelming at times, it can leave me utterly remorseful and bitterly resentful. Those are the days my friends that you STAY AWAY from me!


Def: Excessive consumption than what is really needed. Mostly in reference to food.

Double choc chip muffins...What can I say? My weakness. My bad.

(4) LUST

Def: A passionate or overmastering desire or craving.

Hmmm...I dunno...Guys as good looking/as eccentric as Kimi Raikkonen/Johnny Depp have "Lust after me" written all over them. Sure I crave them!! Not to appreciate their inherent goodness would be a travesty! Thing to be noted is that I'm realistic enough to know that I'm never going to be within a 10m radius of either of them...so essentially my lust goes as far as envisioning myself as Kimi's race engineer, him loving me to bits for getting him on the first step of the podium and spraying me with champers to show his eternal gratitude...

Oh crap...got lost there for a moment! Ahem...right...moving along...

(5) ANGER (alias: Wrath)

Def: A strong feeling of displeasure and belligerence aroused by a wrong.

I think I'm a sane person (most of the time!), but when I feel that I've been wronged, I have only one thing to say to you..."Run and hide!". I don't get angry easily, it takes something quite huge to provoke me, but when we surpass that thin red line, ugly horrible things come out of my mouth. Till date I have never regretted any of my outbursts when angry and I have never apologized first unless in hindsight I felt that it was my fault.

(6) GREED (alias: Avarice)

Def: Excessive or rapacious desire, esp. for wealth or possessions.

Sure I want to be rich, but I'm not a hog for wealth. Am trying to find a good analogy here, but at 1:18am, I'm failing miserably.


Def: Laziness.

Oh yeh, bring on the sleep! I am naturally lazy...what can I say? Sid, the sloth is my best friend.

Hmmm...I didn't do too badly I think. Except for envy, anger, gluttony, sloth and lust, I think I did rather well!! :D


Blogger Leenz said...

man that was a really quik reply!

5/7....hmmm...not 2 good christabubble, not good at all!!!! =p

Fri Oct 27, 01:11:00 PM

Blogger pj said...

hunny, i am right there with you.

Pride: I am a vain bitch. yes i am.

envy: suffice to say i envy almost everyone.

gluttony: you've seen me eat. more than I could eat. also, the words ice cream resound throughout my belly. i am still feeling the effects of my twice-weekly connoiseur choc-cherry indulgence.

from 2 years ago.

lust: umm. hehe. think brad pitt in troy, kimi's half nekkid pictures, johnny depp, arrghh the list goes on. yeah. what can i say. lust.

anger: yes i have an awful awful temper. i know. my bad.

greed: I WANT EVERYTHING! yayyyy

sloth: u know me. u also know that I am intensely capable of sleeping more than 10 hours and waking up at 4pm to bathe and then lying around the couch until 11pm. yeah. nosso good, that.

and i miss daytime tv! hehehehehehe.. ;D

Sat Oct 28, 10:38:00 AM

Blogger ferrarista said...

Heya gals!

I am so glad to have pals like you'll who actually still bother commenting on my blog even though half the time its nothing more than stoopid gibberish...Anyhoos...

Leenz: I know...it was a really quick reply huh? :( I told you man!! The blog wasn't intended. I was supposed to be in mourning for Michael's retirement dammit!!

And yes, I know...5/7 is bad dammit...Christabubble is BAD!! :( But you treasure me regardless...right?? ;)

PJ: Love the bit about your Connoiseur choc indulgence ice-cream thingy...You loved those damn things man...for good reason too! You and I are in the same freakin' boat, my friend...the same freakin' sinking boat!! WOOT! :)

Sat Oct 28, 01:40:00 PM

Blogger pj said...

yeah we sinkin' together babe! ;D

and very happily too.

Sun Oct 29, 07:44:00 PM

Blogger pj said...

btw, i was so insipired by your post, i'm so doing one on my blog too. ;P

sorry if i've plaguirized, but it's been some time since I've last found something interesting enough to blog about. :D

Sun Oct 29, 08:23:00 PM

Blogger ferrarista said...

Heya PJ!! Plagarise all you want babe...Looking forward to your post!

Mon Oct 30, 09:05:00 PM


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