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Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Hello all!

Its been around 2 weeks since I last blogged and although nothing much has happened in that time, this blog is just to keep you informed of all the "exciting" things I've been up to.

So yeah...starting off with today...Today is a shitty day! Actually, it isn't really...its just that for the past two weeks I have been alone at home most mornings and I find that I don't take this very well. I end up brooding coz everyone is at uni having a "fun" time and I'm at home all by myself. Anyways, yes, to stem the brewing anger and thoughts of self-pity, I have taken up cross-stitch. I shall shoot anyone who calls me a granny, so don't even dare! Some people like sky-diving...I just happen to enjoy cross-stitch!

So yeah, that's the first development since the last time I blogged. Secondly, I am now officially "old". I turned 22 last Friday and never before have I been so apprehensive about an upcoming birthday. I usually welcome them with open arms, but this year was different. I think now birthdays to me signify THAT time of the year when you sit down and re-evaluate your life...what you have achieved and what you THOUGHT you would achieve a year ago. As if we didn't have New Year's eve to do that! I did the big mistake of doing an evaluation this year and god! didn't it dampen MY spirits!! Thankfully, I have friends like Leenz who are around to knock sense into me and uplift my moods and I must say I got really nice prezzies this year (although I explicitly said I didn't want any presents, I wasn't complaining when I received them! I was positively ecstatic actually!)...and the fact that PJ called to wish me was like an early Christmas for me! That girl usually never remembers dammit...I was quite impressed! :D

Thirdly, well, I've started my Master's degree. I have become so demoralized at not finding a job that I am finding it difficult to be bothered applying anymore. And yet, I know I should. Anyways, yeah...to keep my sanity, I have started my Masters. I have my first assignment due on the coming Monday and it has me traumatised. I don't know how to start on it...And yes, I have tried. Think I'm going to be up for a very long time tonight. Also, I think while doing my UG degree, I'd forgotten how to spend my leisure time...Now I consider any free time I have to be unproductive and it freaks me out...At the same time though, I know that I don't want to delve into anything else too quickly...I need a break *drifting visions of my Melbourne weekend*

Fourthly...I got myself new red shoes and a very aesthetically pleasing LG stereo system. Both were spotted by Leenz and I absolutely lurve them (although the damn shoes had me limping, I really likes them...when has beauty ever come cheap??!!). As I said before, I've been feeling really crappy today and so I thought of the perfect way to cheer myself up...I have avoided doing my assignment and am blasting my eardrums with Oasis on my new LG...Ah...bliss! Besides all that I've been preparing for my theory driving test and my IELTS English test. I am a bit nervous *uncontrollable twitching* for the latter coz its been a while since I last wrote essays and read comprehension passages and to be quite honest, my vocabulary has changed dramatically since I was in high school...So yeah, I'm afraid...*sigh* Bring it on, I say!

And lastly...People...be shocked...be very, very shocked but I have stale news for you...I am in lurve with Kimi Raikkonen. I don't even know how that came about...but god! I am in lurve!! I have been googling the boy like there is no tomorrow and I have 142 pics of him on my desktop...Yeah, I have a new obsession now...I think the boy is damn sexy and the fact that he might soon be a Ferrari driver is just a bonus. Come on Kimi...join us, damn you! I have to clarify something though...just because Kimi is making me feel like a 13 year old all over again doesn't mean that I've ditched Michael. Who says you can't love two men at once? I am still a Ferrarista through and through but I do appreciate a good lookin catch when I find one. Anyways, thats about it for my update people. Nothing exciting really, but yeah...I just needed a way to kill time today.

Arrivederci! And as my ex-classmate would say...May the force be with you!


Blogger pj said...

HAH! someone's joined the kimi team now!! hahahahaha!

I wish i was there! then I can Laugh extremely loudly and say ' I told you so'.

cos well.. I DID.


ok well, i shall stop here cos all this "i told u so" business has got me high.

anyhow. CROSS STITCH? oh could u make me something? what's cross stitch anyhow? is that like knitting?

umm yeah also, aren't u the lucky one whose birthday i remembered?? (thanks linda, u're a star)


I wanna see ur beeyootifuull shoez!

many happy returns babe! congrats on being 22! now join the rest of us 20 somethings going on 45. :P

Sun Aug 27, 10:17:00 PM

Blogger ferrarista said...


Yeah, I know...I did a complete 180 huh? I lurve Kimi...a lot...now!! And I've got no doubt you'd be laughing in my face if you were here. The boy is damn sexy though hey...can't believe I was in denial earlier.

As for my cross-stitch, it is just a type of stitch dear...nothing like knitting at all. Am making a bookmark, coz I'm really bored, but so far its been slow progress...*sigh* have got ages to go before its completed I think.

And yeah, it was fantastic to hear from you on my birthday...didn't know that Linda had reminded you, but thanks anyways...to you for remembering me, and to Linda for reminding you ;) I appreciate your call babe...22 better be waaay better than 21 hey!

Anyhoos, thanks for continuing to leave comments. Read your other one on the Sunscreen post as well...What was up with the Fernando bit there though?


Mon Aug 28, 09:46:00 PM


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