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Monday, October 02, 2006

I NEED to rant!

I don't see the point in me blogging coz what I am about to say holds no interest for you whatsoever, but I am bored shiteless and I can't even begin to describe how frustrated I am with this damn assignment. Mind you, I haven't even started (and its due tomorrow), but that's just a minor detail and is quite honestly not the point...
The point is that I lack the motivation to do anything and I blame the last assignment I had for killing my spirit and soul all at once. I can't do this...I really cannot! HOW CAN I BE EXPECTED TO DO THIS THING WHEN IT FAILS TO INTEREST ME EVEN REMOTELY??!!

In the diary of my life, this day would probably be put down as "The day I nearly died out of suffocation"...A bit dramatic, but still...I feel so trapped...its like I need a breath of fresh air...the clear type of air that I suppose one would gasp for after being under icy cold water and nearly drowning.

I need to do something fun...I can't express how happy I feel after shopping but with my budget taking a severe beating, that particular activity has been causing me more grief than joy recently. I need to do something more exhilirating than that...something that will wake me up from my daydreams and make me feel really alive...What that thing is though, I don't know.

Have started my driving lessons lately and although I love being in the car and turning and twisting it around, I hate the anxiety that precedes these 1 hour sessions. I feel really apprehensive and I have been postponing my lessons coz of this...Come on, people...my expectations of being a natural pro driver/goddess (with undiscovered talent and speed) in a car isn't being irrational...is it?

Sigh...I wanna do something else besides this stupid assignment. I want to watch "Fight Club" again coz I think Ed Norton was absolutely fan-fuckin-tastic in it! I wanna go on holiday. I want to perv on Kimi some more. I don't want Michael to say goodbye. At this moment in time, I want to be anywhere else but here...

End of rant.

PS. Excellent drive by Michael yesterday. Was so happy that he won. Our Shanghai curse has finally been broken. Woohoo! In your face, Fernando!

Yup, thats all.


Blogger Leenz said...

yup yup, rant away...

sighz...retail therapy....sighz...

oh god, i thnk ths bread is stale =S

Wed Oct 04, 04:38:00 PM

Blogger ferrarista said...

*sigh* weird as to what can give one motivation...in my case, ironically, it was an extension for the damn assignment!

I need a new top for my skirt!! :D

*"I'm bringing sexy back"* Ah, I wish!

Thu Oct 05, 11:53:00 AM


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