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Sunday, September 03, 2006

BSB are blog-worthy

I spent all of Sunday listening to the Backstreet Boys and gaybo boybands. And although this sort of thing should never be admitted in public, I still feel pretty good after listening to them try to swoon me over!

There's something about boybands. Their preppy love songs filled with exploding drum beats can make even the biggest skeptic smile at least a bit. For me, listening to BSB's "Shape of my heart", N'Sync's "Tearin up my heart" and 98 degrees' "Invisible man" bring back memories from my teenage years.

This is the scenario...mid-1990's, me being all naive and gullible at 12, and then they arrived...bands with apparently hot guys singing...to me! At least, thats what all 12-year olds or teenagers thought then! They were such a change...from Michael Jackson! My first exposure to boybands was when I heard "Get Down" by the Backstreet Boys...Sad to say, I got hooked. I purchased all their albums, one of their concerts (which was prolly the last one in Kuwait!) and was a regular subscriber to BOP so that I could oggle at their centre-folds (although, in hindsight, none of them were good lookin'!). Quite sad, huh? I got my Muslim friend hooked onto them as well, and god! didn't we have a warped fun time trying to smuggle the mags into her house without being noticed by her dad! I also had five girls in my class who thought that it was cool to pretend to be members of the BSB. Our infatuation with the boys was very sad indeed, but hey! today, they form a very strong part of my teenage memories.

Having studied in an all-girls school, my teenage years had only two true loves...the Backstreet Boys and Michael Schumacher. I had scrap-books dedicated to both of them. I still remember mum being totally unimpressed with me AND my dad (who being very enthusiastic about supporting my interests used to pay for my BOP and MS fan club subscriptions!). Mum thought that I had wrong idols and that I should have my priorities right at 12. She must have made me feel really guilty, coz I actually gave away my scrap-books. Now, well, I wish I hadn't.

Nine years on, my idols have changed a bit. I don't subscribe to BOP, but F1 Racing has taken its place. My priorities are still warped. I still have a soft spot for the BSB, and I am still in love with Michael. I have another addition now though...Kimi Raikkonen. If I were 12 again, I'd most definitely keep a scrap-book for him. Whether mum approved or not.


Blogger pj said...

hahahahahha scrap book?

we shld start a blog entirely dedicated to how much we love him.

oh yeah the boy's really hot.

btw, did u check out the golfer that looks like kimi from far?

luke donald?

Looks exactly like him innit? ;)

Mon Sep 04, 09:33:00 AM

Blogger ferrarista said...

Heya PJ!! Yeah, Kimi's scrap book would be quite something!! Pity, I'm a bit toooo old now!

I did check out the Luke Donald fella hey...As far as I'm concerned tho, Kimi looks NOTHING like him!! Or maybe I'm just being really biased now! :)

Take care babe!

Mon Sep 04, 08:36:00 PM

Blogger Leenz said...

OMG i completely remember how crazy in luv i was with them....and all other boybands were blacklisted (unless they were crap and no threat to them!) and if u were a bsb fan, u HATED N*Sync cos they were their biggest rivals (even tho secretly u liked their songs but wld NEVER admit it!) aaahhhh, good times

Thu Sep 21, 02:49:00 PM

Blogger ferrarista said...

Leenz, I so get you, especially the bit about hating N*Sync! Hehehe! Such sadow bastids we were then! Those were the days!!

Thu Sep 21, 03:40:00 PM


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