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Wednesday, December 20, 2006


I started my Christmas shopping today. Finished it today too. I am damn good... I know! Thank you very muchly! OR...Maybe it could just be the fact that I had just TWO people on my shopping list that I had to buy prezzies for :(

Anyways, I plan to enjoy the last fortnight of 2006. I plan to be happy. I plan to throw away all the stupid things that held me down during the first 11 months of the year (must put this on my 2007 resolution list too!) and just have fun. Then again, plans always go to hell, don't they?

Coming back to the aforementioned shopping...I just realized something while indulging in my glorious therapy session today...SHOPPING MALLS DO NOT HAVE CLOCKS!! At least now that I think of it, I can't remember seeing one in a shop or a shopping centre. I wonder, is it a conscious effort on the part of retailers? Did they petition against having clocks in shops? I mean...its freakin genius! If you don't have a clock in the mall, and if you are not wearing one (as in my case, or if you are just too lazy to check your own wrist!), well, you don't know what the time is. And you are so submerged in the very act of buying beautiful things that you couldn't care less. So you buy and splurge and buy some more, and time just flows by. The cash registers clang with the sound of money, always good news for malls.

Lastly, well, I want to make a list of resolutions for next year. I love the "futureme.org" site. Check it out. If you are as crazy as me, you'll love to receive emails from yourself once in a while. Wicked stuff!

For now, adios amigo!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Fly Away!

I've been paying a lot of attention to the things around me lately and today, I had a wonderfully fascinating experience with the most underestimated of house insects...the common fly.

Two things I must tell you'll before I begin my narrative. Firstly, this fly was not one of your small little ones that just go cruisin' around. No, no...This was one of those huge arse ones...the ones with a hint of green which makes me wonder...Are appearances of paramount importance in the fly world too?? Next, the fly in question was in one of Erica's rooms and our doors end a little higher than the floor to provide a bit of ventilation (I'm guessin').


I was just there. And this green fly...lets name him Adam, was there too.
He starts buzzing around a bit to make me aware of his presence. (Intially, I think that he is a bee and so I start freaking out and cover my ears.)
Adam starts showing me his acrobatic moves and then... without prior warning he GOES SMACK BANG INTO THE WOODEN DOOR!! OMG!!!
I'm freaking out over the safety of this green fly but then...he flies away like nothing is the matter! (In the same way as when you trip over stairs with people behind you and you pretend that you intentionally bent down to pick up something and that it wasn't really a stumble!)
So I observe this curious creature a bit longer, and he goes flying again, high at times, low at others, and then AGAIN!! SMACK bang into the door!! Ouch!!
Adam, unfazed by hitting the door twice in the space of 30 seconds, moves on into his airspace and then repeats his misdemeanour. But this time...he lands just under the door crack.
He waits, hesitant to move.
Then he does his weird Mr. Burns style arms/fingers-rubbing-against-each-other act and moves a step forward.
Seeing no imminent danger, Adam moves a step further and then...he's gone, to discover the great unknown.

Adam, I see, has returned. Maybe he didn't like the grass on the other side. Maybe it was a bit too green for him. My buddy Adam has come back to my side and continues with his head-banging-against-the-wooden-door antics. Good for him! If only I could get my thrills so cheaply!

P.S. Googled "fly compound eyes" out of curiosity. Apparently a fly's mirror-like multi-dimensioned eyes cannot be focussed and hence they have blurry vision. Poor Adam! I wish you well buddy!