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Friday, October 06, 2006

Alonso is such a sore loser!

Fernando is pissing me off. Big time! I used to like the bloke once upon a time (at the start of this year) coz he was so good-natured and cordial and all, but now he has done a complete 180 and turned into this awful awful creature. So yes, my Schumi just kicked his arse in the last race at Shanghai thereby taking the lead of the Driver's championship for the first time this year, and with just two races to go, the pressure to perform must be really getting to Alonso. But that is no excuse for anything...if you want to be World Champion, deal with it!

I just don't get it. Alonso came 2nd in Shanghai thereby limiting the damage caused by Michael's win. Yet, he looked miserable! In the parc ferme, he just went off without even congratulating Michael, and even though it can be argued that he did shake Michael's hand just before going onto the podium, I think it was more of a case that he HAD to rather than he WANTED to. SUCH A SORE LOSER!
Now he's going on about how he thinks that Renault deliberately want to sabotage his championship hopes. Yeah, sure! Coz you know, that will give Flavio and all the Renault employees so much pride! Woteva mate, WOTEVA!

Needless to say he infuriated me when he said that Michael was "unsporting", but as someone wise pointed out...Fernando has NOT been in the business for as long as Michael. Once he has completed his 15 years without a single reckless mistake, he can go ahead and slay Schumi as much as he wants. Until then he can just keep his big trap shut!

On a final note, how is it that team orders are allowed in the Renault camp, but when Ferrari do the same all hell breaks loose?! Bloody FIA! If you want to have rules in F1, make sure that they apply to EVERYONE!

So yes, we have 2 races to go...once again I have this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach...the type you feel when you know that you won't be seeing that special someone you love for a long period of time. Bloody Luca!

Come on...Michael for '06 World Champion!


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