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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Some Things I Hate About You

Hello folks!

As the title of this blog suggests, this is gonna be about me bitching about a few of the things that I hate about YOU!! Well, actually its not really "you" per se...I'm just gonna go on about the things that other people do that really peeve me off...

1) Latecomers- This is first on my list for a reason...I HATE people who come late!!! Its alright with me if you are a max. of 10 mins late...I don't care for your reasons...you were completely stoned...your alarm didn't go off...your mum just asked you to be her maid-of-honour at her 5th wedding and you were completely stunned (btw, if she's gone by 3, you shouldn't really be surprised anymore)...but yeah, whatever!! Save it!! I don't give a damn! When you cross over that sacred 10 min mark, two things happen...first of all, I stop waiting for you...second of all, I leave hating you with a vengeance, at least until you apologize and grovel at my feet, or do something exceedingly nice for me. If I can be bothered meeting up with you, you'd better have the damn decency to be there on time!

2) Attitude from people in Hospitality/Customer Service- People in this sector!! Seriously, you'll get paid to be nice to other people...Even if you'll are having a day from hell, you'll are supposed to smile and politely ask "Can I help you?" or whatever it is you'll usually ask...WITH a damn smile!! I don't need shitty, disdainful, condescending attitude from you!! I can get all that from almost every other older person on the street...

3) Grannies who get together every single evening for daily discussions on how to effectively destroy other people's households with rumours of infidelity and the like...Like seriously, you'd think that these were nice, old, pious women, but damn!! when you hear stuff like "Ai! Did you hear??? Ravi is having an affair with Sushma and seemingly she is going to have his child soon...his poor, poor wife...I must let her know", or a similar story involving other unfortunate characters (while just stopping to say "Hello aunty" out of respect), and the next morning you hear the same story exaggerated 10,000 times via other grannies, it is seriously unnerving and definitely deserves a mention on this list.

4) Picture this...you are stuck in one of those mofo bumper-to-bumper traffic jams and are already annoyed coz you're gonna be late for that appointment with Mark or whoever (who probably doesn't freakin turn up anyways!!), and then you have this bloody psycho driver who goes ballistic with tooting his car horn!!! Like seriously!!!! Are we retarded enough to just sit there and think "Oh yeah, today I feel like blocking traffic on purpose"?? I DON'T THINK SO!!! What does he expect us to do?? Fly??

The fact that this is a really short list just reinforces the fact that I'm a really nice person who is generally content with life and just overlooks its many faults and failings...Any of you'll who disagree with the "me being nice" bit, leave comments, yeah? :)


Blogger pj said...

i'm the one that's late right?
fine. so hate me you bitch.


yeah yeah i know. it's me that's always late!

*laughs merrily*

but hey chris, its not liek its the first time. my goal is to get you used to it. :)

Mon Apr 17, 09:57:00 AM

Blogger pj said...

i am a terrible terrible human being.

Mon Apr 17, 09:57:00 AM

Blogger pj said...

who is always late. my bad.

Mon Apr 17, 09:57:00 AM

Blogger ferrarista said...

Hahaha!! Damn it woman!! I honestly didn't have u in mind when I wrote this blog hey!! Was in a really foul mood though and so I had to bitch abt something...

Someone's got a guilty conscience, huh?? :)

But yeah, what I didn't mention in my list is that I do make exceptions for SOME latecomers, and trust me, if you ever kept me hanging, I'd totally understand!! I'd still be your friend :)

Mon Apr 17, 11:24:00 AM

Blogger pj said...


i know you'll still be my friend, i just find it funny how i'm ALWAYS late. like, ALWAYS.

sorry babe. :)

Mon Apr 17, 12:13:00 PM

Blogger Leenz said...

1. i'm always late so u must hate me as well! i swear i exist on a different time schedule to everyone else and i actually freak ppl out when i'm early/on time
2. nuff said about this one. why get a job in customer service if u don't know how to do it? simplest job on earth i reckon
3. don't laugh christabelle, that's going to be u when u're a lil old grannie =D
4. i'm one of these ppl...that's me tooting my horn at u to hurry up and run that amber light...seriously, amber means go and red means go faster!

50% hate rate...but i know u luv me right christabelle??? mwhahahaha

Tue Apr 18, 02:37:00 AM

Blogger ferrarista said...

Leenz, was pissing myself at your "amber means go and red means go faster" comment!! Too damn funny hey!!

Don't worry, you too fall in my "exception" list for latecomers...I really don't think that you and PJ have kept me waiting for too long tho, so please don't start now yeah!! Latecomers seriously peeve me off!

And yes, yes, despite it all, even it you do keep me hanging for bloody half an hour, rest assured that I'll be fuming but I'll still be your friend too :)

Tue Apr 18, 12:39:00 PM

Blogger pj said...

"And yes, yes, despite it all, even it you do keep me hanging for bloody half an hour, rest assured that I'll be fuming but I'll still be your friend too :)"

Linda, you do realise that this translates as:
better not keep me waiting, you bitch!

or u have to do some serious grovelling then i may forgive you. :)

Tue Apr 18, 04:37:00 PM

Blogger ferrarista said...

Damn it, PJ!!! You know me too well!! :D

Tue Apr 18, 05:55:00 PM

Blogger pj said...

ahahahhaa.. doesn't take much chris!

haha! kindly rem tt u know me equally well.


Wed Apr 19, 10:00:00 AM


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