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Thursday, July 27, 2006


As we approach the start of August, I can't help but feel happy. You see, my birthday is on the horizon and I feel a child-like anticipation and eagerness welling up in me with every passing day. True, I'm no longer a kid, but I love birthdays...Mine that is! I still get birthday cards and prezzies...and surprise party thingys...it doesn't really bother me when people don't remember, but when they do, I am as thrilled as a three-year old...I love my birthday even though it signifies another year gone by...another page to be turned over in the book of my life.

Anyhoos...being born in August means that I fall under the zodiac sign of the lion-Leo. Now, I'm not really into astrology or horoscopes or anything, but I feel a sense of pride to belong to this sign. To me it signifies power, pride and dominance. People might argue that I am an odd one then coz as far as I'm concerned, I'm timid...nothing like a lioness at all. Maybe thats because I was actually supposed to be born in October...That means I should have actually come under Libra or Scorpio, but anyways...I'm happy with being a Leo and out of intrigue, I have spent time searching for other personalities who fall under the same star sign as me.

Seemingly, Napolean was a Leo. As are Fidel Castro and Benito Mussolini. I half expected Hitler to be in this list, but apparently he is a Taurus. Other political personalities include Bill Clinton, Queen Elizabeth and John Howard. Seems like some of us are obsessed by the desire to be rulers of all, but seriously...conquering the world is not really my thing.

Quite a few famous actors and actresses are Leo's too. Dustin Hoffmann, Madonna, Joey a.k.a Matt LeBlanc, Harry Potter boy Daniel Radcliffe, Sandra Bullock, Kevin Spacey, and X-Files duo David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are also Leos.

Writers too seem to be prolific in our sign. P.D. James, Ogden Nash, George Bernard Shaw, Alfred Hitchcock are a few of the many.

Other people who I think deserve a mention in this list are Henry Ford, Coco Chanel, Amelia Earhart, Roman Polanski, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Mick Jagger, Louis Armstrong (the cyclist I think) and Neil Armstrong (the astronaut).

Edward Norton, Denis Leary and Christian Slater were born on the 18th of August. My special day too. I think I'm in good company. But seriously...whats with them all being bloody actors?? How come there are no great engineers in this section, or this list for that matter? Bloody engineers!


Blogger Leenz said...

Ok just a couple of things....

Firstly, how FUCKING bored were u???

Secondly, the cyclist is LANCE Armstrong, not LOUIS....he's the singer who sang "wot a wonderful world"....maybe u shoulda googled THAT one instead!!!! ahahahah

Sat Jul 29, 12:30:00 AM

Blogger ferrarista said...

Ok, so I was bored...VERY BORED!! Making the list didn't really help though coz it just shows that I am a loser in a sign that is dominated by forceful personalities.

Haha...knew that Louis wasn't the cyclist...hence the "I think" bit...Couldn't remember his damn name though and couldn't be fucked trying to google it either...

Sat Jul 29, 01:04:00 PM


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