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Monday, April 24, 2006

Michael e Ferrari, ti amo!!

Hello my beloved readers!!

I've just seen Michael pass the chequered flag at the San Marino GP today and I'm positively ecstatic!! My boy has won after all this time!!! IN YOUR FACE, FERNANDO!! WOOHOO!!! Am absolutely delighted...I have waited to see my beloved Schumi on the top step of the podium for so long now!! What better place to gratify the tifosi at, than Imola!! Brilliant drive by Michael!! Good work, people in red!! Seriously, I couldn't have asked for a better weekend!!

Was really great seeing Michael surpass the late Aryton Senna's pole position record of 65 yesterday, but today was just so damn good...I cheated and followed the race live via the F1 website, and trust me, I was all prepared to hand over the trophy to Alonso during Michael's second stint...but wow!! did it work out fantastically for us in the end or what??!!! :) Was a good race, and to all you people who are whinging that F1 is boring coz of no overtaking opportunities such as at Imola, shuddup yeah!! I'm glad to see Michael win and I really can't ask for more at the moment...Renault's winning streak has finally been broken in '06!! Three cheers!!

Fernie's untimed second pitstop had a lot of people thinking that he might be able to win the race, but boy! didn't that backfire!! In your face, Pat Symonds!!! And in your face too, Martin Brundle!! I know that you hate Michael, but seriously, if you're gonna be an F1 commentator, the least you can do is try and hide your prejudices!!! Honestly, I know that Ferrari did give their 2nd driver a lot of "team orders" in the past, but Felipe did NOT slow down Fernando on purpose today, so seriously, learn to give credit when and where its due, yeah??

Besides that, well, Jenson, I feel sorry for you my friend...but better luck next time, I guess...I'm just really happy that Michael won today and this was not a farcical race like Indy was either!! We'll probably see Renault come back with added vengeance at Nurburgring (losers!!), but who cares!! I'm just gonna soak up the pure joy that comes from winning!! Looks like I'm gonna be flaunting my Furlahlee cardigan at uni again!! *sigh* I'm in lurve...with red!! :)

Yours truly,


Blogger Leenz said...

"did it work out fantastically for us in the end or what??!!"

US??? wot's with the "us" part man? wot did u do to help the team win other than sit at home and have a coronary??? NO CREDIT, christabelle, NONE!!! mwhahahaha

damn kimi, why couldn't he have pushed a lil harder :(

Mon Apr 24, 01:46:00 PM

Blogger ferrarista said...

Hey man!!! I AM PART OF TEAM FERRARI, DAMN U!! I AM!! *going a bit hysterical* I support them every other week, sending out my encouragement and support to Michael...I deserve to be part of their team!! *sigh* I wish, huh?? :)

Actually, you know what, I'd rather have seen Kimi on the podium than JPM hey!! Juan looked like he was at a funeral!! I think even Kimi (who I think is emotionless) would have looked happier than him!! Bloody JPM!! I hope that Ferrari/Mclaren kick arse in Nurburgring!! Am sick of seeing Fernie win all the time!!

Mon Apr 24, 03:15:00 PM

Blogger pj said...

chris, u know. linda has a point. besides sitting on the sofa telling the "damn team" (who can't hear you, btw) to "bloody work faster". really, your contribution is well. enormous. I mean, the amount of merchandise that you've bought paid for, oh, maybe 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% of his car.. that's like, a damn lot of contirbution, it is.


on the other hand. stupid kimi.

Mon Apr 24, 04:02:00 PM

Blogger ferrarista said...

Hey man!! Are you being sarcastic?? :)

You'll do the same as well!!! Don't lie to me and say that you'll don't sit in front of the idiot box telling Kimi/Ralf to drive faster!! I consider myself as part of Scuderia Ferrari, my room is a bloody shrine to them...so leave me alone, damn you'll!! :)

Mon Apr 24, 05:06:00 PM

Blogger RPM said...

Unbelievable race! Can't believe how fate reversed roles from last year, where Schumi haunted Alonso and could not close the deal. This year, it was unbelievable ... still reeling from the race :-)

Mon Apr 24, 11:01:00 PM

Blogger ferrarista said...

RPM: That WAS a really good race, huh??!! Especially for people like us who have been waiting for ages for Michael/Ferrari to do something really fantastic!!!

Was a great weekend, but how eerie was the fact that Michael took his 66th pole at the same circuit that Senna set his record at?? I too was completely stunned with the role reversal this year compared to the GP in '05...Very weird!! Anyhoos, all I can say is "In your face, Fernando!!!" :)

Am so glad that Fernando didn't win YET again!!! I hope that this is not gonna be our only win for the season though...Fingers crossed we're gonna see much more of the people in red on the podium!!

Tue Apr 25, 01:23:00 AM

Blogger RPM said...

@ferrarista: But you know what, Alonso only gave up 2 points to Schumy, so for him, this was not a bad race. Yea, he did not get 10 points, but he still got 8 and that is good enough for him to keep his huge lead and he will really have to have a few DNF's for other guys to creep up on him.

Tue Apr 25, 06:03:00 AM

Blogger ferrarista said...

RPM: Yeah, I know...Alonso made it on the podium, so really, Renault are still on the ball...I'm just fed up of seeing the Renaults winning all time though!!! I can so empathise with all those people who were sick of Ferrari winning from 2000-2004 now!!

Realistically, I don't expect Michael to take the Driver's title and its more of me doubting the car/tyre combination rather than Schumi's driving abilities...Imola was just a relief from seeing Renault dominate in recent times and I think thats what thrilled me more than anything else (besides the fact that it was Michael who won, of course!!) :)

Tue Apr 25, 01:16:00 PM

Blogger pj said...

update, dammit.

and of a more interesting topic than schumi this time, please.

Thu Apr 27, 04:34:00 PM

Blogger ferrarista said...

Hahaha!! Come on PJ!! Its not like Ferrari wins ALL the time!!! And my Schumi topic was interesting, damn u!!

Anyhoos, probably gonna be a while since my next blog...maybe after my project presentation on the 10th...*biting nails in nervousness/anguish* We'll see how it goes...if I have time, maybe before that...Until then, hold up!!

Ciao babe!

Thu Apr 27, 09:41:00 PM


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