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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Family and Friends


After reading Leenz's latest post, namely "My Point of View" (I tried to link your blog Leenz, but couldn't figure it out properly!! Sorry!), I'm feeling a bit nostalgic and a bit blue and I really don't want to start working on my thesis again...so yes, taking all that into account and the fact that I just couldn't resist the urge to blog about my friends...I present... my latest post...

Friends...I don't know who you people out there consider as friends, or how important they are to you, but to me, this bunch of people mean the world. I suppose a disadvantage of being an only child is that I never had anyone to grow up with. Without choice, my friends became intertwined with family.

I separate people into groups- family, relatives, acquaintances, rivals, friends, enemies (they are important!), admirers and people who don't hold any special meaning to me. Of this entire lot, my extended family and friends mean the most to me. Ironically, its to these two groups of people that I cause the most pain and weirdly enough, these two groups are the ones who have hurt me the most.

Family...its a weird thing, that...You are stuck with these people when you are young and then then grow on you. I wouldn't trade my dysfunctional family for anything in the whole wide world...I just don't think I'd fit in anywhere else...besides that, well, despite all our stuff-ups, we do have our moments of endearment.

Friends...I'm not really sure if everyone makes "real" friends during their childhood only...or if the process lasts till we die. I'm still trying to discern that. I have very few friends, but I would do almost anything for them (Please ask me to jump off a cliff!! I don't wanna write this damn thesis already!!). I do try and keep in touch, but I am admit that I'm lazy and so that doesn't quite work out to plan usually. I'm quite good with birthdays...its one of those things that I remember every year, whether they do or not...I like my friends because they put up with me. Its a gift, I assure you! I think I take more than I give...in friendships...and in every other relationship. Anyhoos, since I'm just drifting...so I'm going to end this with a few shout-outs...actually, just people who I consider to be my "friends" and who hopefully will read this damn blog!!

1) Ed: I've known you since the 4th grade, and I really, really don't know how to thank you for always being there for me. Being a year older than you, I should probably be the one looking out for you, but anyhoos...thanks Ed...you are more of a sister than a friend to me...

2) PJ: I didn't think you and I would ever get past being just house-mates, and even now its a mystery to me how we got close. Probably coz you were one of the very few who knew exactly what my frame of mind was...don't really know many people who can pick up on my moods...But thank you for everything...cooking for me, taking care of me when I was sick (you wanted to burn me then, didn't you??!! I was so damn skeptical!!)...everything...

3) Leenz: I think the people at Coles have established that you are I are arch-enemies, what with YOU hurling insults at me and all =) But yeah, its been a real pleasure knowing you...A special thanks for encouraging me, cooking for me while you were sick and for just putting up with my neurotic self. In your blog, you say that "I have a group of friends that I know I will eventually lose contact with"...I think that may have been referring to people like myself, but I sure hope that we will stay friends. Despite our differing points of view, you've always been a good pal to me. Thanks!

4) Liz: Remember us cramming for our C.Sc lab exams in year 12, and although we were panicking ourselves shiteless at that time, those school memories are some of the best I have. I was quiet and demure in school and you helped get me out of that to a certain extent. Thanks for that...Oh and yes...good luck with your project dear. Hopefully we'll both get out of uni soon and finish these degrees unscathed.

5) Sowmya: Don't know what to say...you were good to me Sowmya...always...never made me feel out of place. Thanks!

6) Suad: You are married and all now, but remember the embarassing times when we used to be crazy about the Backstreet boys and how we used to hide our BOP magazines from your dad!!! Good times!!

7) A special shout out to all my uni peers without whom my attempt to finish this degree would be doomed...

And that people is it...In my 21 years, barring number 7, I have made 6 friendships that I consider very valuable and will make an attempt to sustain... *sigh* On a totally random note, I seriously feel like punching someone in the face...surely that isn't normal... Arrivederci!


Blogger pj said...

my dear girl...

same same. :)

Friends for life, c'est pas?

Wed May 17, 11:44:00 PM

Blogger ferrarista said...

PJ, I don't say this enough, but your friendship means heaps to me. I'm hanging onto you, whether you like it or not, dear!! =)

Friends for life? I really hope so! Special kudos to you for keeping in touch with me after a year and a half!! I'm the one who's slack now...sorry!! :(

Thu May 18, 01:32:00 AM

Blogger Leenz said...

thanks for the shout out christabelle! i'm touched *wipes tear away...
woteva happens, if we lose contact, if u ever need me, u have my email =)
u know wot they say about life: family is who ur stuck with, friends are the family u choose

Thu May 18, 11:15:00 AM

Blogger Leenz said...

btw, that goes for u too PJ =)

Thu May 18, 11:16:00 AM

Blogger ferrarista said...

Leenz, we are definitely on different wavelengths on a lot of things and I tend to piss you off a fair bit, but despite all that I genuinely treasure your friendship and company...Once we go our separate ways, I will do my best to keep in touch, but don't go around changing your freakin' email address or anything, yeah...I don't need another excuse to be slack!!

Thu May 18, 12:03:00 PM


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