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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Stupid Things

Hello all,

I am totally pissed off coz Curtin has decided to play wise-guy and has blocked all internet access to anything that can be remotely classified as "fun". This includes my blog and life-sustaining F1 sites and hence, I am very very unhappy. At the moment I am not supposed to be blogging, but I don't give a shit. I am going to do whatever I feel like (until they send me my 3rd and final internet breach warning, that is!).

So...today, I shall go down memory lane and narrate to you some of the stupid things I've done in my 21 years of life...Looking back on these, I must say...I AM rather dim-witted.

Incident #1: This one is a classic!

Sometime last year, I got into this smoking phase thing, where I would basically light up a ciggie, inhale deeply and exhale with relief. Well, on one such occasion, while happily walking down the ramp along Kirribilli Cafe, I took out an Alpine, held it between my lips and lit my beloved cigarette. All was going well (or so I thought!) until I smelt something burning...ah...don't be alarmed...it was nothing...JUST my hair, actually! I don't know how many of you'll have been "fortunate" enough to do something like this, but God! burning hair smells like shite! Its kinda cool in hindsight...From what I remember, all I could see after lighting my ciggie, was well...nothing!! I could hear a quickly-moving-upwards fizzing sound which was my hair getting the shite singed out of it and the next thing I know, I was madly ruffling my hair, to make sure it didn't catch on fire...Hades might look cool and savvy when his hair is on fire, but I don't think that look suits us all.

Incident #2: What was I thinking?

A long time ago, when I was waaay younger, I was alone at home. And I had a "supposed" headache. So I rummaged through the medicine closet and found the perfect solution...Tiger Balm!! Now for those of you who are unaware of what this is...it is a highly potent mixture that no kid of 12 should apply on their forehead to get rid of the aforementioned headache...Why??? Coz a day after this lethal substance is applied, the mentioned forehead turns black and skin starts peeling off (worse than if you've been sunburnt)...kinda looks like necrosis or apoptosis (Woohoo, I know what it means, Leenz!) of the skin. Can't remember if I went out with my shocking forehead, but can tell you one thing...the sight was far from pretty...really shocking actually!

Incident #3: What was I thinking (yet again!!)?

I tripped my aunt over once...on purpose!! She was holding my cousin in her arms and she was going to sit down in a chair, and me being the evil child that I was then decided that it would be funny if she went to sit down, and I removed the chair from under her, thus making her fall in heap on the floor...Yeah...thats what I did!! I found it hilarious then...in fact I can still laugh out loud when I think of it...No one else found it amusing though :(
Come on!! Come on, tell me that isn't funny??!!

Hehe...I sure am a piece of work, ain't I? You'll should be honoured to know me, dammit!! :D