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Wednesday, December 20, 2006


I started my Christmas shopping today. Finished it today too. I am damn good... I know! Thank you very muchly! OR...Maybe it could just be the fact that I had just TWO people on my shopping list that I had to buy prezzies for :(

Anyways, I plan to enjoy the last fortnight of 2006. I plan to be happy. I plan to throw away all the stupid things that held me down during the first 11 months of the year (must put this on my 2007 resolution list too!) and just have fun. Then again, plans always go to hell, don't they?

Coming back to the aforementioned shopping...I just realized something while indulging in my glorious therapy session today...SHOPPING MALLS DO NOT HAVE CLOCKS!! At least now that I think of it, I can't remember seeing one in a shop or a shopping centre. I wonder, is it a conscious effort on the part of retailers? Did they petition against having clocks in shops? I mean...its freakin genius! If you don't have a clock in the mall, and if you are not wearing one (as in my case, or if you are just too lazy to check your own wrist!), well, you don't know what the time is. And you are so submerged in the very act of buying beautiful things that you couldn't care less. So you buy and splurge and buy some more, and time just flows by. The cash registers clang with the sound of money, always good news for malls.

Lastly, well, I want to make a list of resolutions for next year. I love the "futureme.org" site. Check it out. If you are as crazy as me, you'll love to receive emails from yourself once in a while. Wicked stuff!

For now, adios amigo!