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Monday, October 09, 2006

It is not fair

I feel bad. For Michael. For Ferrari. For me. I think it is so unfair that fate decided the outcome of yesterday's race and this year's World Championship. Engine failure 17 laps from the end. My heart left its space and plummeted to the ground in a spiral freefall as soon as I saw Michael out of his car, walking back to the pits. So close, yet so far...

Seeing Michael having to retire from the race yesterday brought back horrible memories from the late 1990's.
We had a shit car in 1996 and considering that we won a few races with that piece of junk, I must say, we did pretty well.
1997. The infamous Jerez incident with Villeneuve and the subsequent disqualification from the championship.
1998 was by far the worst year (until now) for me. Tire puncture, and we lost out to Mika Hakkinen.
1999's Silverstone accident ruling us out of the Driver's Championship.
After our reign of glory...2005, where we never really stood a chance.
And now...this year...2006...the worst of them all. Coz we effectively conceded the championship due to a freak reliability issue when we had every chance to hope and defy the odds. Coz we lost it to none other than Fernando Alonso and Renault. Coz around the world, millions of tifosi had their fingers crossed that this year would be our return to glory and a fitting farewell to our Schumi.

I was disappointed yesterday. Actually, that is a huge understatement. I was devastated. I wanted to watch the podium and press conference ceremonies to show my support for Felipe, but then decided that it was too much for me to give.
I just don't think that its fair. Someone like Michael who puts in so much hard-work into what he does, who is naturally brilliant and talented should not have to succumb to something called bad luck. After all, what is luck? And why should it decide anything?! I think if a person has put in the effort to reach a particular sought-after goal, he should be allowed to achieve it, without the interference of such a concept. Luck should not exist. And if it does, its bad counterpart should not interfere with the doings of those who deserve greatness.

As for Michael, I am proud of him. The way he graciously walked back to the pits waving to fans, the way he went around the Ferrari garage commiserating with his mechanics...made me go all mellow. He knows that winning the Driver's Championship this year is a lost cause, but unlike fuckin' Fernando, my Schumi is not a sore loser. He says that he is not upset about this either...that things like this happen in F1 and in life...I am going to miss him...so very much! Just one more race to watch my hero in action, and then, Arrivederci...